About Us

The Leafash Industry is a manufacturing and supplying firm regarding quality sports wears with its head office in Sialkot, Pakistan. The LeaFash Industry is the name that prizes skilled labor and the production of standardized products keeping in view the rules of the international standard organization. We are and have always been imbued with the sense of meeting the visible advanced needs of the 21st century. We keep ourselves abreast of all the latest techniques and methods to meet the demanding needs of the new era. Our workmanship is always in search of the latest designs, ideas, and methods that are combined with the strict quality standard and are used in shaping our products that excel in the business market and hold elevated position owing to their excellent quality, unique designs, and standard best material with extraordinary workmanship. It is our desire to make you believe that LeaFash Industry feels committed to providing high-quality products to its esteemed customers all over the world. Providing high standard quality products is our commitment to our customers. Our aim in search of excellence and best quality products while keeping our finger on the pulse of the world’s demanding needs, makes us outshine in our relative fields. We can proudly say that you will feel elated by your own needs of choosing our products.